Hazard Monitoring System & Safety Equipment
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A Modern and dynamic safety monitoring system Using our considerable expertise within the storage and bulk handling industry we have designed a complete system to ensure the safety and protection of your equipment and personnel.

Innovation is a keyword in our design policy ensuring safety in your elevators and conveyors.
Discover a complete modern system dedicated to protect your bulk handling machinery at all times.
The system can be accurately set to monitor, manage and analyse all defects, facts and report on productivity of your machines.
This information can be accessed day or night across the globe directly to your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
We offer a complete range of hazard monitoring and safety equipment to handle a plant of up to 120 conveyors giving our customers the most economical of solutions available on the market.
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Motion controller
Dustproof belt alignment system
Hazard Monitoring Devices
Bearing temperature sensor
Level & choke sensor
Control and configuration system

The world’s most advanced hazard monitoring system

Be connected with your conveyors anywhere & anytime across the world

jetmonitoringsystem.com is available on all your mobile devices

The smart way to manage your safety system

This configuration of the system gives complete control and feedback of your conveyors and elevators avoiding all associated hazards associated with under speed, misalignment, level & choke control, bearing and motor temperature which are the main ignition sources in explosion risks. By notifying you directly on defects and performance via your laptop, tablet or mobile phone you can effectively manage your plant anywhere on the globe ensuring your operation remains efficient with reduced downtime.

Capabilities with the JET SYSTEM and an Internet or LAN connected computer
Remote monitoring up to 120 conveyors from the same display unit
Unified viewing of data in real time
Graphic display of historical data
Alarm notification by sending email
Viewing of alarms
Support tools to manage preventive maintenance
Only by computer, directly with laptop or by Network LAN
History of defects: JET SYSTEM can save 10 000 events.
History of setting modification: Save the 10 000 last setting modifications.
History of daily running time of the equipment :
– JET SYSTEM saves production time during the last 4 000 days of use.
– JET SYSTEM records temperatures 24 times per day during the last
365 days of use.
All the history can be download in csv format.