Hazard Monitoring Devices
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Hazard monitoring system with display
Strong casing.
Dashboard with LED indicator.
Dustproof and waterproof casing.
Work stand by the conveyor.
Running status indicator near the conveyor (and sound alarm).
2 belt speed sensors.
2 chain elongation sensors.
4 belt alignment sensors.
3 analogic sensor.
2 follower shaft position sensors.
2 choke and level sensors.
5 bearing temperature sensors.
24 V DC 350 mA
Option: 110-230V AC 150 mA.
EN 61326 -1 CEM Electromagnetic compatibility.
EN 61010 -1 Safety electric device.
Stainless steel box for ATEX zone European regulation 2014/34UE.

The hazard monitoring devices are able to monitor bucket elevators, belt conveyors, chain conveyors and screw conveyors.

Our hazard monitoring system analyses the data sent by the sensors installed on equipment and save the eventual defects events. According to the setting, the M-JET+ or the M-JET sends alarms and commands the stopping of the conveyor.

M-JET+ or M-JET monitors the following :

Under speed due to belt slip on the pulley. To check comparing with the nominal speed.
Bearing temperature using sensor PT100 or NTC.
Belt misalignment using sensors with or without contact.
Material jam in conveyor entry or exit using capacitive sensor.
Chain elongation measured by inductive sensor and targets.
Motor power measurement with specific electrical consumption.
Shaft position measured by sensor 4-20mA.
The operating control of the system is realized by output relays :
Directly on the power relay of the motor.
By the global PLC of the facilities.
Verifying the conveyor operation can be achieved by :
On computer screen by internal website (directly with laptop or by Network LAN).
By message on the email box (events and maintenance operation plan).